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3 Important Characteristics Of A Crane Parts Supplier

Cranes are machines that perform an essential role in the construction industry. They have the power to move heavy objects that humans do not have. The machines are used to move, lower, lift and raise objects. It is the most important mechanism on any and every construction site. Since it has the power to move heavy objects, crane parts are normally made out of steel. Today, we will be talking about construction cranes (such as P&H Crane parts and Kobelco crane parts) and all you need to know about this heavy mechanical machine.

Three cranes used in a construction site

Cranes are a type of machine that is normally equipped with a rope, be it wire or hoist, that can be used to lift and lower objects or move them from one side to the other. This heavy machinery is mainly used for transporting and lifting heavy objects. Cranes are commonly used in transportation of objects in a construction site where there are many heavy objects like metals or bricks.

The first ever prototype of a crane was called the Shadoof, from an Arabic word. It has been known for a long time, since 3000 BCE. It was called a counterpoise lift in the United States of America. The Shadoof is an early creation of a crane that has a lever mechanism. It was initially used in a crop system for canals or waterways like ditches and such. The Shadoof was used to lift up water from a water source. The structure consists of a long pole on a pivot with a bucket attached to one end of the pole. It is currently still used in Africa and Asia.

The Shadoof is easy to construct and super efficient to use. The structure is an upright frame built from wood and a long pole will be attached to it. At the end of this long pole, there will be a bucket hanging there or anything that can collect water. It takes little to no effort to scoop up the water from anywhere and carry it onto land.
Since the first type of crane was for scooping out water, how did it evolve to lifting up heavy objects? Well, a crane for lifting heavy objects was created by Ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC. For the following 200 years, almost all Greek building sites used the new lifting structure to help them lift heavy loads. It then came into the Roman Empire, when crustruction activities in the empire rose. The Romans adopted the idea from Ancient Greek and adapted it to their own way. It was calculated that a man could raise 150 kg using the structure. And if it were raised by four men, it could lift 3,000 kg

4 tower cranes used in a construction

After the first prototype of Shadoof and the one built by Ancient Greeks, it has been continuously upgraded and changed to be able to lift heavier loads. Here are some types and uses of cranes in this day and age:
  • Truck-mounted

A truck-mounted crane is the most basic type of crane. The larger and heavier duty cranes are constructed in two parts, the carrier and the upper. They are out together through a turnable, allowing the upper to swing side to side. The upper is usually powered by hydraulics running through from the turnable. In older designs and models, there were two engines. These cranes are able to travel on highways, making it easy to go to the construction site.
  • Tower

The tower cranes are commonly seen in Singapore. It is used in the construction of tall buildings as tower cranes are able to lift heavy things up easily. Due to their big size, tower cranes are built along with the building, meaning as the building gets higher, so does the crane. Tower cranes are an essential tool to have when constructing a tall building.
  • Mobile

Mobile cranes are the most versatile type of crane used in construction sites. Its footprint and mobility is what allows this crane to be so versatile. It can be difficult sometimes to move the heavy loads to somewhere you need it to be. Being able to move a crane into a position that allows it to lift the heavy load is affected by the footprint of a crane.
  • Crawler

A crawler crane has a set of crawler tracks that helps provide stability and mobility. Its advantage is that the crane is able to operate at places that are not stable for any other cranes. Its wide tracks spread the weight of the heavy machinery out over bigger surface areas to prevent it from sinking. However, it is difficult and expensive to transport this crane as it has to be disassembled before transporting.

Two mechanics supervising crane parts

Since cranes have to withstand such heavy loads and materials, it has to be made out of strong metals to be able to function the way it does. Before going around and searching for a crane parts company or consultants, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration,
  • Look for high quality services and materials

Just like in any industry, you want to be getting high quality crane parts. You should look for a company that is very efficient in what they do. Companies that are efficient will help make sure that your parts are delivered properly and you will receive it fast. What type of customers do they have? Are they from a renowned company from the crane industry?
  • Understanding your needs

You have to know what type of crane parts (for example Tadano crane parts) you require before looking for a supplier. You want to make sure that you find a company that has all the crane parts you need. It will also help if you learn a bit more about the particular crane parts and company before reaching out to them. Does this company have thousands of spare parts available to you before you commit?
  • Make sure that the company is friendly

You want to make sure that when you have any enquiries about the crane parts, the company will be easily contactable. This can regard wrong orders, delivery time, or lack of order. This will ensure that your problems will be solved fast and efficiently.

There are a few crane parts suppliers who provide crane parts that fit the description of above, Kobelco, Tadano, and Pawling & Harnischfeger. They provide strong and durable crane parts for construction companies to use. Not only that, they are also fast and efficient in whatever they do.

There are many companies that will be able to provide you with crane parts. Do not be afraid to take your time in looking for the company that will be most suitable for you.
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