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5 Components of a Crane & Their Functions

Does a crane confuse you at times? How do construction workers construct big cranes for work? What are the parts known as?

For the crane to operate safely, it requires a solid foundation. The crane's complex calculations take into account all of the forces that will operate on it when it lifts, rotates, and moves trolleys. When preparing the foundation, particular care is taken to guarantee that subsurface utility is not harmed by the crane's positioning.

When the foundation is complete, the crane's base is secured in place, and the remainder of the crane is ready to be assembled. Cranes are used in building projects all around the world. A tower crane is most likely to be seen on a construction site when a tall tower is being built.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the crane parts that are highly essential when it comes to constructing a crane.

1) Hook

Hooks should last a long time and be strong enough to sustain large loads. Hooks, on the other hand, rely on the weight of other objects to convey them. The items in this list are essential to the crane's ability to lift stuff with the hook. Crane hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the size, weight capacity, and use. It should come as no surprise that crane hooks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

A hook of a tower crane is seen in front of a tall building

Hooks hold plenty of safety issues. A falling hook can be a safety issue since crane hooks are large and can cause significant head injuries if struck. Double-check that loads are securely secured to the hook and that no one is in the path of the load when it is raised or lowered.

Types of hooks
  • Single and double hooks
  • Forging and laminated hooks
  • Closed and semi-closed hooks
  • Unusual hooks including electric rotating hooks.

2) Hoist

The hoist, also known as the hoist drum, is a crane component that provides lift. It is one of the most important crane components. A cranking mechanism, sometimes known as a drum winding, and a wire that raises and lowers the hook make up the hoist. Objects could not be lifted off the ground without the assistance of a hoist. P&H Crane Parts is one of the leading hoist crane parts suppliers.

A chain hoist and a lattice boom of a tower crane

Chain hoists are ideal for lifting loads under 5 tons and need minimum maintenance, but wire rope hoists are the best choice for loads of 5 tons and more. Single-reeved hoists employ a single piece of rope on the rope drum, whereas double-reeved hoists use two ropes on a single drum to achieve real vertical lift. On a single-reeved hoist, the lowest hook drift, or lateral movement of the hook, can be achieved with larger diameter rope drums.

There are various components such as hand, electricity, or compressed air, often known as pneumatic, which can all be used to power hoists. If you want a system that will work for you, you must obtain the right hoist for your lifting needs.

3) Wheels and Tracks

Cranes may travel about the job site using wheels and tracks, depending on the terrain. From moving around a construction site to speeding down the highway, wheels provide more mobility. They are excellent for rough, uneven terrain, but if the job site is soft and muddy, tracks could be the best alternative.

The backside of a hydraulic crane

The crane's tracks are long and broad, providing it more stability than wheeled cranes. They are a little slower than wheeled cranes, and they require smooth, level terrain to operate well. However, for many job site managers and engineers, their safety and stability make them an appealing alternative.

4) Outriggers

Outriggers are crane components that add added safety to the job site when transporting goods. They work in tandem with counterweights to keep cranes upright even while hauling the heaviest of loads. The crane's outriggers extend from the bottom and support it from the ground. They raise the crane off its wheels, eliminating the risk of the crane altering its position due to minor wheel movements.

Outriggers, counterweights, and a complicated hoist system all work together to make your crane safe as it transports large loads and supplies across the working site. When it comes to operating cranes, everyone on your team must be safe. Outriggers provide an added layer of protection for you and your employees.

5) Boom

The crane's boom is one of its most prominent features and depending on the crane's size, it may be seen from several miles away. The lengthy steel arm that spans the length of the machine is clearly identifiable as this. From the operator's cabin to the hook, this section of the crane is completed. The boom distributes the load and gives the appropriate height for each load to be lifted. Kobelco crane parts offer great product value, tremendous quality, and overall superb customer service.

There are two types of booms and they are:

  • Hydraulic Boom

The hydraulic boom is made up of telescoping pieces that may be extended to reach further distances and collapsed for simple travel.

  • Lattice Boom

The lattice boom is made of welded steel and has a lattice-like appearance. This provides it a lot of strength while also lowering the boom's weight.

A tower crane

The majority of crane parts suppliers stock a substantial inventory of Tadano crane parts that may be delivered the next day, while special orders are dispatched. P&H crane parts, as previously said, give promising crane parts such as their hoist goods while also providing the lowest total cost for your cranes. If you are looking for booms, Kobelco's hydraulic lattice-boom crawler is extremely efficient and popular. With the lowest cost of ownership on the market, the Kobelco lattice-boom is unrivalled in its capacity to increase operational profitability.

With these, you can surprise your friends with your knowledge of crane parts and major companies that offer such parts with amazing components like hooks, hoists, and booms.

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