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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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Cranes can be of many kinds. These are used for different purposes. After all it is a machine and it may need some repair from time to time. The fix calls for replacement of the parts. The crane has different parts like gears, motors, wheels and sheaves, gear boxes, brakes, wire rope and so on.All these parts have a shelf life and can break down at any time. When some parts get broken down you need to replace it. The parts in the crane are of good quality and the parts that are replaced should be of the same quality. Only then the crane will work with the same efficiency.

Use quality products

Using sub-standard parts just to save money may be detrimental. When the parts are not of good quality the chance of them breaking down soon may be high. Also the quality of work that the crane can do also suffers when a low quality spare part is used.

All the crane users are always on the lookout for buying the crane parts. We as a crane parts dealer have put up these parts for sale. Cranes are of different models so we have stocked parts of almost all kinds of models of cranes.

You can look for any kind of parts of cranes and you are sure to find the kinds of parts you are looking for. We have put the crane parts for sale so that we can cater to all your crane parts needs.

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We deal in all kinds of crane parts from used crane parts to new ones also. We recommend that you use the used parts for replacement. You will be benefited by it. All the parts are got from different parts of the world and then inspected by our qualified engineers for their genuineness, usefulness and quality.

We pride in giving quality service to our customers and would not want to have any unsatisfied customer. We strive to satisfy your needs as far as possible from our side to the best of our ability.

So for all your needs of parts of your crane of any model you can approach us and get them replaced. You will be more than happy with our services. Along with replacing the broken down parts will service the crane fully so that it is in the best working condition.

Technology advances with time and so do the makers of cranes use newer technologies. With this the parts may also undergo a few changes. A person who has purchased a newer version of a crane will fear if he or she can find the spare parts of this new model.

There is no cause for worry

This is not a cause to worry for the customers. HL Equipment at our end always stocks all the spare parts that any of our customers may be in need. So fear not, you can approach us for any of your needs related to the crane. You will be given the best of services. We always stock ourselves with all the parts of cranes well before the need for them arises.

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