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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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Crane Parts Suppliers

Crane parts suppliers attached great importance to minimizing breakdown time and keeping part costs as low as possible and they seek to give each of their customers their fullest attention to meet their specific needs.

Besides both used and new parts, they can also provide you with high quality reconditioned parts.To improve durability and longevity of your cranes, they also offer repair services for your crane parts as well.It Increases the return on investment of the crane investment. Most of the crane parts suppliers are premier source of genuine parts in the market.You can expect to receive parts that meet or exceed your crane’s original standards. Knowing that time is money, some of the crane parts suppliers stock a full range of parts for delivery in 24 hours. They offer a very competitive price for their parts because of their economy of scale.

Kobelco Crane Parts


Opening of Kobelco Global Parts Center in Singapore


Kobelco Cranes announces the opening of “Kobelco Global Parts Center” in Singapore In a major step towards its future growth plans. With the opening of the Kobelco Global Parts Center in Singapore, Kobelco Cranes foresees strengthening its market position in Asia-Pacific (APAC) as well as in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The company is planning to invest its resources intensively with the aim of increasing its presence in the APAC region and to further boost its cranes parts distribution globallyand through this facility, it also minimizes crane down time and shortens delivery times. It Increases the return on investment of the crane investment.

Kobelco is increasing its parts stock in Kobelco Global Parts Center to 400 million Japanese Yen in 2015 and is planning to expand to 1 billion Japanese Yen by 2020.

P&H Crane Parts


The P&H® trademark endures as a symbol of quality and reliability. P&H® crane parts are continuously improved and re-designed, bringing state of the art technology to equipment that has persisted in the field for decades. P&H® parts maximize the value of your crane investment.

All parts sold meet international standards, and are backed by a comprehensive warranty from Konecranes, world-leading lifting manufacturer.

Tips To Choose A Reliable P&H Crane Parts

1)Established and reputable company
2)Symbol of quality and reliability- became a gold standard product for industry use
3)P&H crane parts promise the lowest overall cost per lift over the live of the system
4)P&H crane parts are continuously improved and redesigned to bring the state of the art technology to equipment
5)P&H crane parts maximize the value of your crane investment
6)Committed to improving both the safety and uptime of your equipment
7)Able to meet or exceed your crane’s original standard
8)Best way to extend the life cycle of your crane and maximize your return on investment in first-quality crane parts
9)Stock more than 10,000 crane parts items for delivery in 24 hours to meet emergency requirements
10)Economy of scale – global scale to leverage the buying power thus able to offer very competitive price
11)Genuine parts – all parts sold meet international standards and are backed by a comprehensive warranty
12)Spare parts program – able to design a custom spare parts program to meet the needs of your equipment and budget. Your crane parts list will be carefully crafted by a parts product engineer to include parts that will likely need to be replaced within the designated time frames, as well as those that are of a critical nature to maintain consistent operation of your crane.

Tadano Cranes Parts


Unique Selling Proposition Of Tadano Cranes Parts


1)Company reputation - For half a century, TADANO has been consolidating its position in the domestic market with innovative products, technologies and facilities, as well as new partnerships worldwide. The history of TADANO is the history of the Japanese crane itself.
2)Corporate Philosophy - They will create innovative and high-quality products of which they can be proud of. They will contribute to the customers' success and a pleasant society. They will cooperate to ensure our happiness and strengthen the bonds between us.
3) Genuine parts - they supply genuine Tadano crane parts, designed for ease of use along with mobility and safety.
4)Environmental Policy - strives to help protect the global environment and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. Promote environmentally responsible behaviour, develop products that are friendly to the environment throughout their entire life cycle, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency and low noise output, conserving resources, recycling and preventing environmental pollution.
5)ISO9001 Certification - TADANO received the ISO9001 certificate for quality from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) of the U.K. The ISO9000 series is a set of uniform standards, determined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which apply not to a specific product, but to the quality assurance and quality management systems of a company.
6)Contribution to society - They contribute to international society through social contributions led by the Group's corporate philosophy of "Creation, Contribution, and Cooperation".

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