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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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HL equipment provide crane parts for various types of crane
A leading crane parts distributor in South East Asia
A leading crane parts distributor in South East Asia

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Testimonials for HL Equipment

Have you ever heard before HL Equipment? They are one of the most reliable suppliers for crane spare parts in Southeast Asia and in fact, the World. They provide a variety of crane spare parts to customers all over the world and is the biggest stockist of crane spares in the Asia Pacific Region. HL Equipment is truly the market leader in the crane spares parts industry in Singapore!

Well, I have purchased some crane parts from them on behalf of my uncle who is managing a construction business and I want to share about the whole experience and how I go about communicating with them about the crane spare parts that my uncle would like to purchase.

I came across HL equipment when I was browsing through the net. They are a company that specializes in the sales of heavy construction equipment and crane spare parts. When my uncle mentions to me that he needs to find a supplier for crane spare parts, the first company I thought of is HL Equipment. As the cranes at my uncle’s place are mostly Hitachi or Kobelco, he needs to find a supplier that supplies these two brands of spare parts.

HL Equipment offers genuine high quality crane parts. The Hitachi crane parts that they provide are all original from Hitachi and they definitely can meet the strict specifications for the machineries. Kobelco crane parts are also very well known for their high efficiency, low downtime, low maintenance cost as well as low transportation costs. Being a premium brand in the market, Kobelco is also a relatively easy machine to maintain and repair. HL Equipment is the best partner that you can find when it comes to your crane parts needs.

What is best about HL Equipment is that their customer services is really good and that they have their employees always ready to answer any queries in the shortest time. They will place our orders once we confirm everything with them, that is how fast and efficient HL Equipment is. For the whole transaction, it took about two to three weeks and my uncle’s office received the crane parts that they had ordered.

As my uncle needs to know what kind of crane spare parts that they do provide, I dropped them an email regarding it. The reply is almost instantaneous. If I am not wrong, they only took a day to reply and the advice they gave was really professional. It seemed that they have great knowledge on cranes and crane spare parts. My uncle was really pleased with their services and even gave them a call personally to praise and thank them of the customer services and the fast delivery of the crane spare parts.

Do take HL Equipment into consideration if you are looking for a company that can provide a variety of crane spare parts. They really do provide good quality of crane spare parts that you would definitely be satisfied with.

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