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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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A leading crane parts distributor in South East Asia

Hitachi Crane Parts

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) was established in 1970. Since then, the group has been further separated into different division. HCM has numerous manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia. HCM is one of the market leader in the construction machinery. When it was still part of Hitachi more than 60 years ago, the production of the first Japan mechanical excavator was by Hitachi Construction Machinery.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Singapore) Pte. Ltd was established in December 1984. Hitachi Singapore offers a wide range of equipment and machineries that ranges from the operating weights of 800kg to over 740,000kg. All these equipment cover all the functions that a crane should have, including digging, loading, carrying, breaking, grabbing, cutting, crushing and screening.

The main product line of Hitachi Construction Machinery is their hydraulic excavator. They have it in different sizes, from the medium-sized and mini excavators to all the way up to 780-ton-ultra-large excavators. Besides hydraulic excavators, HCM also markets wheel loaders, off-road dump tracks and other products.

The machines that Hitachi provide, can be fitted with various attachments to enable you to accomplish the most difficult construction/engineering tasks. HCM’s machines are tough, stable, versatile and extremely safe. Thus, if your construction/engineering project is of a complex nature, you would not go wrong to choose HCM’s equipment.
With the high investment in such machines, comes the intricate knowledge to maintain the machines to ensure their efficiently would not drop with time. Over at HL Equipment, we offer genuine high quality crane parts. All our Hitachi crane parts are designed and built to be the best match for your Hitachi machineries. Our spare parts are all original from Hitachi and we can meet your strict specifications for your machineries.

In a global market, there is probably a lot of dealers worldwide and you have to be diligent to ensure that the crane parts supplier you choose is able to offer you the right spare parts, at the most economical price. Over at HL Equipment, we have been in the crane spares market for many decades and we are one of the most recognized brands in this industry. We have customers from Singapore, we as well as around the world. We will always offer you the best advice when it comes to purchasing the spare parts. We understand that there are many variants of a spare parts and purchasing the wrong model or make can result in the machine going faulty. Thus, our consultants will be in touch with you to find out as much as information as possible prior to the sale.

Besides Hitachi Crane Parts, we also provide other crane spare parts such as Tadano, P&H, Kato and etc. To find out more about us, please call (+65) 6295 2957. For overseas enquiries, please email us at

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