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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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The History Of P&H Crane Parts

Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger are from modest backgrounds in Milwaukee. They bumped into each other  while they were both working at the Whitehill Sewing Company of Milwakuee. Many years later they both joined the resources they had, forming Pawling & Harnischfeger Co.(P&H) in 1884. If you are wondering how they came up with the name P&H, they took the initials of both their names ‘P’ from Pawling and ‘H’ from Harnischfeger which are the names of the founders. They entered the crane industry in 1887 with an electric overhead crane that they built.

7 tower cranes in a construction site

Historical OverviewYear
Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger partnered together and founded Pawling & Harnischfeger1884
P&H changed its name to Harnischfeger Corporation1911
Harnischfeger Corporation then entered in a joint venture along with anAustralian Company called Power Cranes and Shovels, Pty, Ltd1959
By license from Harnischfeger, P&H mobile crane brand is now a part of PPM/North America1988
Teres acquired PPM as an associate and is operating as Terex PPM1995

P&H expanded their product line to include crane parts in the 1930s to increase profits.

The company became one of the best known and well respected crane parts suppliers among other companies. During the first week of December, 1884, Pawling and Harnischfeger moved into their first buildingP&H quickly became known for its high quality crane parts and machinery. In 1887, A.J. Shaw visited P&H with an idea that would alter the route of the business. Instead of just fixing the crane, Shaw made the decision to replace the rope-driven parts together with three electric motors.A revolutionary electric crane was Shaw's next idea for P&H.

In 1911 Alonzo Pawling’s health took a turn for the worse and he decided to sell his interest in the business to his partner, Henry Harnischfeger. He decided to keep the well-known P&H trademark as the former partnership became a corporation under the name "Harnischfeger Corporation.". During World War 1 in 1914, Harnischfeger Corporation focused on making more overhead cranes for the war effort.

A hook crane part

In 1930, Co-founder Henry Harnischfeger had passed on and Harnischfeger Corporation was then succeeded by his son Walter Harnischfeger as president. Although there was a lot of unhappiness during P&H's struggle, they made the decision to move forward with all-welded design and fabrication which would increase their strength and efficiency.During World War II, Harnischfeger Corporation increased the production of its “P&H” cranes and excavators for the war effort. The firm was awarded with many  ‘E’ awards from the Navy and Army for being efficient in meeting the stepped-up production needs.In 1959 Harnischfeger Corporation determined to increase its worldwide community of customer service operationsby following through with joint ownership by a new company in Australia, P&H Power Cranes and Shovels. Henry Harnischfeger, the grandson of the founder, became the president and led the way for Harnischfeger Corporation while displaying incredible growth in the 60s and 70s.

A hand holding a coal with a crane in the background in a coal mine

P&H helped fulfill the world to meet their growing demand for coal, iron and copper. During that time, Walter Harnischfeger’s health became worse and he passed on. He became the leader that led the firm through the depression and recontronstructed Harnischfeger Corporation into a global leader in crane parts supplier and support to the mining industry.
Harnischfeger Corporation reached 100 years of consecutively producing quality and service greatness in the best interest of the industry.An underground mining supplier, Joy Mining Machinery, merged with P&H Mining Equipment into the business enterprise Harnischfeger Corporation at that time.

A giant crane used for mining

After establishing the P&H MinePro Services support teams in key mining regions, P&H Mining Equipment implemented the process of creating its global network of regional offices. Several MinePro operations can be found around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. These operations contribute significantly to the global economy by producing energy and minerals
P&H equipment and MinePro assist are specially targeted in the direction of copper, coal, iron ore, oil sand, gold, diamonds, and phosphate mining operations so as to product and service demand. The service that MinePro suppliedcovered the assembly of new machines, protection and repairs, structures upgrades, machine relocations, automobiles and transmissions rebuilds and repairs, systems weldments and repairs, and schooling for machine operators and maintenance personnel.

Three workers replacing crane parts in a construction site

These centers help to provide local service and distribution support for surface miners by ensuring maximum productivity of equipment designed by P&H mining equipment including electric mining shovels, blast hole production drills, walking draglines, and supply parts and services for those equipment. MinePro carried on the after-market service maintenance function that started with the founding of P&H Mining Equipment by industrial craftsmen Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger in 1884.

As being experienced in designing and building industrial equipment, Alonzo Pawling and Henryischfeger were well positioned to provide installation services, preventive maintenance, repairs, rebuilds and upgrades for the industrial operations that included construction and mining firms that invested money into the production of their equipment.

As a manufacturing enterprise, Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger's expertise and rugged quality products were integral in the ability to withstand the economic recession and continue growing into a modern, world recognised business referred to by their customers simply as P&H.

Currently, the P&H trademark has grown to the extent that they can be found with a wide variety of equipment such as :

  • Overhead cranes and hoists
  • Mining excavators
  • Drills
  • Draglines
  • Construction cranes
  • Rough terrain crane
  • Lattice boom crawler crane
  • Truck crane
Example of crane spare parts for hydaulics

P&H parts meant for  mechanical and electrical cranes were built to meet the requirements for only P&H equipment. The trademark for P&H pictures an image of quality and reliability.

Some of the P&H Crane Parts include:

  • Bearing
  • Transmission
  • Cylinder
  • Brushing
  • Adaptor
  • Bellow
  • Boom Connector
  • Boom Drum Assy
  • Boom Hoist Drum
  • Clutch Assy
  • Clutch Dog
  • Eccentric Pin
  • Guy Cable Head
  • Hook Roller
  • Swivel Arm
3 tower cranes operating in a construction site

All the P&H crane parts are built with quality grade raw materials bought from a trustable and well experienced dealer in the market. Genuine P&H crane parts help to set the standard on reliability and durability. The combination of the best materials along  with superior design and craftsmanship are part of factors that make P&H gears and shafting the best choice to choose for your mining equipment. Till today the company maintains the ideals of perfect design and honest workmanship that began 137 years ago.

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