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Here at HL Equipment Pte Ltd, we also provide our customers with a variety of popular and demanding equipment such as cranes, excavators, piling hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, air compressors & generator sets etc.

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Used Crane Parts and Equipment

Today a lot of industries cannot do without cranes. Using this amazing machine a lot of work especially of moving heavy objects from one place to another has become easy.

Cranes are heavy machines and to own one you need to invest a lot of money. Then just like any machine these cranes too can have wear and tear. Then it is natural that you need to replace them. This is additional expense for you.

We do not wish to burden you with some extra expense that you can avoid. Instead of replacing the worn out parts with brand new parts why not make use of used crane parts.

These parts cost much less than the new parts and work with the same efficiency as the new ones. Why waste money when you can save it.

The crane is made up of several parts and each of them will have a different life. Some parts may wear out sooner than the other parts while some parts may not show frequent wear and tear.

Also you need spare parts that match up to the standard of your crane. Using such parts the crane will work with the same efficiency as before. We are a supplier of different parts of cranes usually the used ones. All these parts are put up for sale and you can check to find which parts you need and order it at any time.

We are a company of repute and have years of experience in supplying the used parts for cranes. You can rely on us for the supply of genuine parts though they are the used ones.

We get the parts from different parts of the world and then they are completely overhauled and checked for quality and their reuse. This checking at our end is done via the qualified engineers. Only after thorough inspection we put up the used crane parts for sale.

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This is done to give you the best of service and also not to put you as a user of used parts into any inconvenience. You depend on us for the supply of genuine parts. We cannot break the trust you placed on us.

All these parts are put up for sale at a reasonable and competitive rate. HL Equipment has a huge stock of these used parts of the cranes. We procure the parts of all kinds of cranes that are manufactured. This gives you a huge choice so you can come to us for any of your needs of the crane parts and replace the broken down parts with these spares with ease. Then you can continue using your crane as effectively as you were using it before the parts broke down.

You will not even realize that you have replaced the parts with some already used part. Such is the work of our engineers that they convert the parts in a way that they work just like the new ones.

Place your order today for all the crane parts that have been worn out. On receiving the order the parts will be sent to your place as soon as possible. You save time and money on purchasing the genuine parts of the crane from us.

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