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Top 10 Most Heavily Traded Crane Parts

You may wonder what are crane parts? Don’t worry, we are here to help you to understand and tell you the 10 most heavily traded crane parts.

Well, cranes have a long history that reaches back thousands of years ago. In the records, it indicates that the ancient Greeks invented the first cranes and used them in the early 155 BC. You might be thinking that is really long, don’t worry we were shocked too when we found out about it. Some reports indicate that the cranes were used for water irrigation in the ancient Mesopotamia, thousands of years earlier. If truth be told, many ancient structures, if built today, would need to use some sort of a crane.

Tower cranes are indispensable machines in the construction industry, allowing skyscrapers to reach unprecedented heights. They have an incredible ability to lift large loads to great heights, allowing construction workers to transport building materials to the top of high-rise buildings. Tower cranes generally lift large equipment such as generators and heavy construction materials such as steel and concrete. The tower crane is undoubtedly a fascinating and impressive construction machinery. Without them, our horizon would look different. Each component of the tower crane plays a vital role in its ability to complete the job.

Let's explore the anatomy of tower crane parts and learn about the different functions of the crane attachments:

1. Tower Crane Mast

Parts of tower cranes

This metal lattice structure, which is typically square in form, is used to give the tower crane the height it needs to reach the top of a structure. This metal part is made of lattice modules because this type of construction allows the crane to be more easily transported. At the construction site, the modules are then assembled and joined by the screws. Look towards the top of the mast and you will find a swivel arm. The arm allows the crane to rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally. Depending on the crane model, the mast may also have an operator compartment.

2. Tower crane jib

Tower crane jib parts

Tower crane jib is another tower crane parts that is typically triangular in shape and also a modular structure to make transport possible. This tower crane jib is used to provide the crane with the range or radius it requires to move around.

3. Operator cabin

Operator cabin

The tower crane operator sits in the cab, equipped with joystick control, communication system and electronic monitoring equipment. This cab is usually part of the swing set.

4. Tower crane erector

Tower crane erector consists of several different parts, including upper climbing device, lower climbing device, bolts and pins, and tie-down devices. The top climbing device of the erector is very important to the performance of the tower crane. Allows you to partially insert and connect the tower crane to the tower. Essentially, it is the part where the tower section is added to make it higher. A large hydraulic jack lifted the arm, anti-arm and swing components up a section of the tower. Then another part can be inserted to increase the height of the tower.

The lower climbing device is also important for the height of the tower because it is used to lift the entire crane higher. Allow the crane to climb into the building. Although he keeps the tower at the same height, he repositions it at a higher point in the building. Other key components of the tower crane installation machine include bolts, pins, and tie rods. High tensile anchor bolts and pins are used for fixed connections. In addition, ties secure the tower to the structure. This provides stability against wind or crane loading.

5. Trolley

To give the tower crane maneuverability, you need a trolley. This metallic part consists of a car that moves along the jib through lanes. The trolley also supports the weight of the material being lifted. Check out some of the used crane parts here.

6. Tower crane hook

Close up looks of hooks part of a tower crane

Tower crane hooks are critical to mechanical performance. It is considered to be the most precise part of the crane, so it must be used and maintained correctly. In particular, it must be fully tensioned to function as required. The staff should also follow up the maintenance work regularly to ensure that the hook will not go over and crush when it is wound on the drum.

7. Slewing Unit

The slewing assembly is mainly composed of a slewing gear transmission, a motor and a slewing bracket. The device allows the crane to twist and turn to move objects. It also includes a horizontal arm, which is the part that carries the load. The slewing bearing enables the slewing device (including boom, cab, tower top, and anti-arm) to perform precise rotational movement. It can also generate significant torque. The slewing bearing is composed of machined gear teeth and attached to the ball race.

8. Tower crane counter jib

The jib of the tower crane requires an accountant. This part is made from a robust base formed by a metal profile. This creates a kind of gateway, so the staff can pass the counterweight from the mast. The free-selling weights are attached at the end of this jib. The  accountant is included with the mast in the opposite region to the union.

9. Counterweights

Counterweights are made of prefabricated concrete. They are used to stabilize the inertia and weight in the tower crane jib both when it is in operation and when the machinery is at rest.

10. Ballast

The ballast stabilizes the tower crane against the weight it transfers and its own weight. It’s also critical to ensuring stability during adverse weather conditions. The ballast is typically made of prefabricated concrete and it’s located at the very base of the machinery.

All these parts and attachments are used by P&H crane parts, TADANO crane parts and KOBELCO crane parts. P&H cranes parts, Tadano crane parts and Kobelco parts are used for truck cranes, rough terrain cranes and crawler cranes.

That is all the crane parts and attachment that we have broken down for you. We hope that you are able to understand the parts. If you need help, just consult the crane parts company from Singapore to help you out!
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